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Maid in Singapore – 101 East

Al Jazerra reveals the shocking reality of child trafficking and forced labour among domestic workers from Myanmar in Singapore. Girls as young as 15 are brought in to work in our households which not only violates Singapore’s minimum age requirement of 23 for domestic workers, but also constitutes child trafficking if the recruitment of a child (below 18) is for the purpose of exploitation. Unlike trafficking of adults, means of coercion or deception need not be established in the case of child trafficking. In one ìnterview, when asked why didn’t she run away from her abusive employer, the worker told of being confined illegally in a 7th storey flat with no access to a key. Despite being also sexually assualted, the burden of her 8 months salary deduction was so great that it discouraged her from escaping her abuse earlier. This cannot be more wrong.



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