Police to the Rescue?

Police to the rescue in Crimewatch? Trafficking in persons is a serious crime which the authorities in this video have rightfully acknowledged to be a problem that needs to be resolved. However the experience of victims reporting abuse and obtaining social support may not be as smooth sailing.

The stigma and shame attached to sex work makes many women, and possibly men or boys reluctant to report it. Moreover, engaging in sex work can lead to arrests and prosecutions. Police raids at red light districts may intimidate trafficked victims and make them reluctant to give information about their situation.

Fear of reprisals, indebtedness and threats from recruiters also silences them into submission. In the absence of a victim centered anti-trafficking in persons law, and comprehensive social support services, it is even more difficult to encourage trafficked victims to be willing to be identified.

Support victim protection by signing our petition today https://stoptraffickingsg.wordpress.com/2014/08/13/support-victims-rights-sign-our-petition/ #stoptraffickingsg


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